Something I jotted down last night when I couldn’t sleep.

Homesickness is a weird feeling. I miss everyone at home and I can’t help but feel like shit despite being in the coolest place in the world.
I want to hold mum, I miss her hugs. I want to muck around with my siblings. I want to chat to my dad about sport. I want to fuck around with my dogs. I want to drink with my boys. I miss everything.

You know you miss something so much when you miss arguments with them. I would do anything right now to just have an argument with one of my siblings.

I really am having the time of my life over here but it is hard without the ones I love.

Orlando update #4 - 5/8/14

A month at Disney has absolutely flown by! I’m now mostly settled in, and starting to become comfortable with all of my room mates.
I’ve now developed bonds with people from work that have surprised me. People from all different parts of the country which is something I want to continue doing.
My bonds with the friends I have made have developed and become stronger. I am surprised how close I have become with people I didn’t know a month ago.
I am over the moon with my tattoo. It’s is beautiful and I am thankful for how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to have it on me. The tattoo exemplifies how my time here has gone as well as overcoming this years depression.

I haven’t been able to visit many of the parks due to work but I have plenty of time to see these in the coming 5 months. I got the chance to see my first “wishes” though. It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life and I can’t get over how incredible it was. I now fully understand how Disney makes people’s dreams come true. This display of beauty made it feel like everything I have been working on over the last 12 months has been completed and I felt a major sense of relief.
I’m hoping for 5 more memorable months as good - if not better - than the one just past.